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(Willie Reveals His 3-Step System To Learn All Types Of Rich Sounding Piano Chords)

Willie Myette's Jazz Piano Lessons
Thursday, May 28th
From The Studio Of Musician,
Willie Myette

Dear Fellow Pianist,

Chords are the life-blood of music. Learning those rich, "weighty" chords transforms your playing from sounding "O.K." to sounding "Sophisticated", "Full" and "Professional". You can apply these chords to literally thousands of songs in all styles!

My new 3 DVD Series from teaches you to hear and play piano chords from scratch. You'll learn basic seventh chords and move up from there. This is not a boring course! You will quickly begin forming those professional sounding piano chords with your own two hands.

I break every concept down step-by-step. You can watch my hands or download and print the sheet music.

You do not need to know how to read music to use this DVD series. Music is included, but you can just as easily play, pause and rewind the DVD to your heart's content.

Chord Piano - Not Stale Piano

Chord piano is when you create an arrangement of a song using only the melody and chords. Learning piano is difficult enough, but learning how to sight-read music is an added challenge. So, many musicians learn how to create their own arrangements by learning piano chords and chord progressions.

Here's the challenge: Creating Rich, Interesting Chords that keep your listeners engaged. Now maybe that listener is just you and the family dog or it could be a concert hall full of people. It doesn't matter.

What matters is learning and, more importantly, understanding how to create these piano chords so that you can apply them to thousands of songs that you know and love.

Am I Talking To You?

Are you asking "Is this DVD series right for me?"

This DVD series is geared for players of all levels, but not the absolute beginner. If you are an absolute beginner to the piano (I mean, you don't know a C from a G on the piano), I'd suggest that you start with the JazzKids® series from

If you know at least a 'bit' of piano, then these step-by-step lessons are going to launch your chords into the stratosphere!

Each DVD is carefully paced. This means that before I get into topics that are advanced, I will cover the "basics" like:

You won't be "in the dark" with these lessons. And, if you do have a question, you'll have unlimited access to the User's Forum where you can ask questions and get answers.

Chord Piano Techniques Covered:

  • Rich and fat chords that you can apply to any style of music
  • Suspension chords that gospel piano players use
  • Tensions and chord alterations
  • Major, Minor and Dominant chord patterns
  • My "Wonder" chord (5 chords in one!)
  • Tri-tone chord substitutions
  • 2-5-1 chord progressions
  • Upper Structure Triads
  • Intervals and their application
  • Rootless chords
  • Learn to play piano by ear using these chords
  • "Real World" examples of jazz standards
  • Much, much more

Sounds Hard, Huh?

It's not! I've spent over a decade breaking these concepts down for beginning improvisors as young as 6 years-old, so I know that motivated students can easily learn my exciting system of learning that teaches you all of these concepts one step at a time. You're going to be really excited when someone hears you play and asks you for lessons.

Deciphering Piano Chord Symbols

Piano chords example Does this chord symbol confuse you? It confused me when I was first starting out. I'm going to teach you how to decipher these complicated chord symbols and translate them into beautiful chords. Even if you are just learning piano, you'll find it easy to quickly apply my techniques to your playing.

I teach examples for both beginning and advanced piano players.

Applying Piano Chords To Songs

Let's face it, learning to form those big, is great, but what good is that knowledge unless you can apply it to real songs?

This is why I've included 7 real-world song examples (with explanation) on DVD702 and 8 examples on DVD703. You will learn how to apply these new piano chords to songs by watching me break it down for you.

Are you a music reader? Well, you'll appreciate that all of these examples are written out note-for-note.

MIDI file versions are included too!

Learn To Hear And Play Chords

Learning piano chords is one thing, but learning to hear piano chords is another. The 700 series will start to 'unlock' secrets that make hearing piano chord progressions easier. Now, of course there is work involved, but it is fun work in which you will see steady progress.

Gospel Piano Chords - Black Gospel

Do you like the sound of Gospel music or "Black Gospel"? With the chords that you'll learn within this series, you will be able to apply them to gospel music, praise music, shout chords, preacher chords, vamps and more.

"Magic" 4th Voicings And The Wonder Chord

I'm going to show you my secrets for building "open" chord structures. By using 4ths (an interval that I explain on the DVD), you can create wide-open sounding chords that use more of the "meat" of the piano. This in turn makes your playing sound thick and full. Up till now, only my private students were shown these tips. Now, it's your turn to learn them.

Putting Piano Chords To Work!

Perhaps the best way to experience these piano chords is to hear them used. Listen to the example of styles you can create using the chord concepts found in the 700 series DVD.

Willie, I'm Ready To Get My Piano Chords DVD


I'm loving the lessons. I've been looking for you for years, and now after having tried a number of others, I'm finally home.

I'm already a professional musician who is mostly self-taught, and your classes are helping fill in the holes in my education. I've played every type of music (including zydeco, right now) but my dream is to be a jazz player. And it won't be long. It's in me and it's coming out...quickly!

I just can't thank you enough.


I have very much appreciated your teaching style & lessons over the past few months.

Definitely upgraded my piano playing & personal "sound", especially as I have learned to add favorite changes to all kinds of lovely new chord inversions, turnarounds & more interesting bass patterns.

So thank you for all you are doing in putting it all together!


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DVD #1 - Chord Voicings Made Easy (part 1) Contents

DVD701 is perfect for the beginning student that wants to "beef up" the sound of their chords.

Topics covered on this DVD are: Piano Chords DVD701

  1. Intervals
  2. Major chords
  3. Minor Chords
  4. Dominant Chords
  5. The "Sus" Chord
  6. "Magic" 4th Chord Voicings
  7. Magic 4th Voicings Examples
  8. The "Wonder" Chord

DVD #1 Hot Topics

This DVD will teach you how to interpret, understand and most importantly, play those chord symbols you see above the melody. Have you been confused by the chord in Misty, Autumn Leaves or other classic standards? Maybe you want to "beef" up your chords so they sound big and rich? By the end of this DVD, you'll know how to create that big chord sound.

DVD #2 - Chord Voicings Made Easy (part 2) Contents

DVD702 picks up where part 1 leaves off. You will learn my advanced chord concepts that will propel your chord sounds and knowledge.

Topics covered on this DVD are: Piano Chords DVD702

  1. Upper Structure Triads - The jazz chords
  2. ii-V-I with Upper Structure Triads
  3. Tri-tone substitutions the easy way!
  4. Other Important Chords
  5. Chord "Gems" - some of my favorites
  6. "Real World" examples
    • Bewitched
    • All The Things You Are
    • For All We Know
    • When I Fall in Love
    • When You Wish Upon a Star
    • Satin Doll
    • Misty

DVD #2 Hot Topics

I'm going to show you some special chords in this DVD that you'll be glad you learned. The tri-tone substitutions (tritone subs) add incredible spice to your playing. Forget the chords that are written, I'm going to show you how to create the new progressions that professionals use. The pro's look at a piece of music and change it. I'm going to teach this technique to you on DVD #2.

DVD #3 - Rootless Chords Contents

DVD703 teaches you essential voicings that every pianist should know! I'm talking about rootless chord voicings or "Bill Evans" voicings. I'm going to teach you how to easily create these chords and work them into your playing.

Topics covered on this DVD are: Piano Chords DVD703

  1. Rootless chord voicing forms (A+B)
  2. All 12 Major 7th rootless chords chart
  3. All 12 Minor 7th rootless chords chart
  4. All 12 Dominant 7th rootless chords chart
  5. 2-5-1 progression with rootless chords
  6. 2-5-1 example in 6 keys
  7. 2-5-1-6 progression with rootless chords
  8. 2-5-1-6 example in 6 keys
  9. 2-5-1-6 (Dominant approach)
  10. Chord alterations and tensions
  11. Common tensions & combos chart
  12. "Real World" examples
    • My One & Only Love
    • Blue Bossa
    • Darn That Dream
    • Have You Met Miss Jones
    • Dancing On The Ceiling
    • All The Things You Are
    • Prelude To A Kiss
    • When Sunny Gets Blue

DVD #3 Hot Topics

If you want a professional sound, you need to know the techniques on DVD #3. I have spent 20 years performing and perfecting these "rootless" techniques and now I'm going to teach them to you. Rootless chords are the chords that you play when you are playing with a bass player, or when you want to spread your chords between both hands. The eight real-world examples will teach you step-by-step how to apply these chords to real standards...immediately!

Free Piano Chord Videos

More About Willie Myette

Willie Myette's Jazz Piano LessonsA Berklee College of Music graduate, Myette departed Boston for Providence in 1996, created a unique instructional method for jazz piano, founded JazzKids®, and published over a dozen books, all aimed at teaching jazz and improvisation to children.

Willie's books and music have been published by Alfred Music Publishers and MelBay. Willie has presented workshops around the U.S., Canada and Europe and performs around the country with his group Katahdin's Edge for which he has produced two acclaimed CDs and headlined at the fames SXSW festival.

Willie has also performed with or shared the stage with members of James Brown, George Clinton and Parliment Funkadellic, 420 Funk Mob, Combustible Edison, The Dixie Chicks and others.

Bonuses - Resources For Success

I don't agree with "bonuses" when it comes to education. As a teacher, I want my students to have the resources that they need right from the beginning. I would not have the best interests of my students in mind if I only offered a bonus to a select number of "early bird" students.

Instead, I am offering you the following resources. Whether your the first or the 1,000th person to order, you will still get these resources.

Resource #1

Online Sheet Music Access

sample sheet music
Retail Value: $40

Resource #2

MIDI Files

MIDI files are perfect for practicing sections slower or for isolating passages for study. I'll also show you how to get a free MIDI player for your computer.

Retail Value: $34

Resource #3

MP3 Play-A-Long Tracks
High-quality MP3 play-a-long tracks especially designed for this DVD series.

Retail Value: $34

My Personal Guarantee:

I stand by all of my work 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return it to me, and I will issue an exchange.
Willie Myette

YES! Willie, I Understand For This Special I Will Receive...

  • Over 4 1/2 HOURS of incredible Piano Chord videos that going to spice up my playing
  • Fun play-a-longs that will help me learn these new and exciting chords faster and easier by having a "band in my house."
  • PDF music detailing every note of every chord so I can print, read and carry.
  • MIDI files so you I change the tempo and learn chord by chord
  • 24-hour support through your online support system and User's Forum, just in case I have a question

I further understand that...
  • You never leave anyone "Out In The Cold." I know that I can contact your team at 401-331-0000 if I have any questions
  • I also know that you are giving me a no questions asked, DVD exchange guarantee if I am not 100% satisfied with these DVDs in the first 90 days

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